Welcome to my Internet Home Called Jason's Internet Home!!! :D

This website has 90s internet and nostagic feelings built-in. Its like a home but on the internet so it's better. :D

Here's what i like:

Updates And Stuff :p

Adding new pics to the aestheiec folder :D

Learn HTML :D

Here are some useful tags and techniques you can use to even further fine-tune the look of your website. Text Styles Bold text: < b >here's some bold text< /b > : < i >here's some italicized text< /i > Underline: < u >This text is underlined< /u > Subscript: < sub >This is subscript text< /sub > Superscript text: < sup >Here's some superscript text< /sup > Typewriter text: < tt >Here is some typewriter-styled text< /tt > Strike-Through text: < strike >This text has a line through it< /strike > Text Placement To center text: < center >This text is in the center< /center > You can also use < p align="center" >. Align Text: To right-align text: < p align="right" > For left: < p align="left" > To left-align and right-align text on the same line:

your text here
your text here
Example: Left Aligned Right Aligned Special Effects Marquee Text < marquee >This is side-scrolling text< /marquee > Highlighted Text: < span style="background-color: #FFFF00">This text is highlighted in color.< /span > Color of highlight can be edited to your choice.

Aesthetic/Clip Art Gallery

Welp, You Reached The End :|

Thanks for looking at my website if you reached the ned give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it :). Well i guess i'll se you later then i'm will keep tweaking this website to make it better for you to stay tuned every friday and i'll see you soon at My Internet Home Bye :).